Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions usually asked about all types of billboards – TriVisions and Digitals.

Why use billboards to promote your business?

Billboards are great for building brand and name recognition. They are located in heavy traffic areas for more exposure.  Billboards are the oldest form of advertising. They have survived every media invention yet remain an important part of any advertising strategy. Billboards are a fit for advertisers whose potential customers could be anyone at any time or a specifically targeted audience. Billboards are a trusted form of advertising.

How much does a billboard cost?

Billboards are unique pieces of advertising real estate. Value depends on size and location and market conditions. Billboard displays are priced individually. Your sales representative will share current pricing and help you locate available billboards in your budget that will deliver your marketing objectives.

Who provides the artwork?

You can use your own graphic designers – OR – Your sales rep will consult with you to develop a focused message concept. We will design the concept from words, images, and logos to your custom, easy-to-read, colorful, branded message.

Do I have to design my own billboard?

No Way! Our professional design service is part of your agreement so you don’t have to struggle to DIY or hire and pay an outside designer.

What types of advertising are prohibited?

TriC does not currently support questionable adult entertainment or any business perceived to be related to human trafficking. Social or political messages must be informative and truthful, but attack language will be declined.

TriVision Billboards FAQs

Why use TriVision Billboards?

TriVision Billboards only have up to 3 messages per face.  They are in prominent traffic locations.

How do I buy a TriVision Billboard?

Call and get connected with a helpful sales representative. Our turn-key process will guide you from identifying locations and artwork design through the install of the vinyl.

How long are the TriVision agreements?

Annual and multi-year contracts TriVision billboard contracts are standard and include the first production and installation of the vinyl. Then when you want to change your advertising, you’ll already know the price of additional vinyl and installation.

How long does it take to put up a TriVision billboard?

The production timeline includes art development, printing, shipping, and travel to install. The TriC team has made the process as speedy as possible to get the steps done between 10 and 20 days.

What is the photo resolution needed for a TriVision Billboard?

TriVision Billboard photos should be high resolution – 300 dpi or more

Digital Billboards FAQs

Why use Digital Billboards?

Digital Billboards are eye-catching. They have no printing cost, and can be launched quickly.

How long are the Digital Billboard agreements?

Annual and multi-year Digital contracts are standard. Digital has no production costs.  You can either upload the images to our software or send the images to your sales rep who will upload the images for you.

How long does it take to put up an advertisement on a Digital billboard?

If you have your graphic designer create your ads, you can either upload the images to our software or send the images to your sales rep who will upload the images for you.  If we are your designers, upon your approval of the ad, it will be uploaded to your ad spot.

How often can I change my message?

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What is the photo resolution needed for a Digital Billboard?

Photos for a digitial billboard can be as low as 100 dpi.

Image Size:  648 pixels Wide x 178 pixels High @ 100 dpi